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We at GuileEQ realizes that to make semi-autonomous vehicles (SAVs) a reality, we must make sense of human-driven vehicles (HDVs) operating in the same environment with SAVs. Our focus is ordinary, non-fleet, non-professional drivers as they make up a larger portion of the drivers on the roads today. We know that to glean more actionable insights about drivers, the data must be normalized. Deployment of our smart car system will not only make our roads safer, but also contribute cleansed data to the body of knowledge needed to make SAVs a reality. Below is our plan to accomplish this great task.

Get Our Smart Car System into Every Vehicle on the Road

GuileEQ’s pre-market and after-market smart car systems could ensure that drivers adhere to traffic law. We know that law enforcement does their very best to ensure our safety but at a ratio of 1 million to 220 million (USA) it is not feasible for them to ensure our safety alone.

Aggregate Actionable Data

We use biometrics and machine learning to gather data about driver’s conformance to traffic laws. This data is anonymized for most drivers but could be enabled to administer traffic citations for court appointed designees.

Making Sense of Drivers

By normalizing the data in the aggregate, we will be able to glean meaningful insights about driver patterns and special cases that are difficult to interpret. By using cleansed data, we will better understand drivers and be able to interpret and model data to create a world that both HDVs and SAVs operate in together.

Changing the Rules

Data aggregators should be intentional about their plans. Users should be rewarded if businesses profit from their user’s personal data. For this reason, GuileEQ rewards our users by issuing re-occurring annual rebates to users that opt-in to use our service.

Future of Work

The future is not a bleak story of technology eliminating our sources of income. Instead, we at GuileEQ believe that the technology of the future will provide us a safer and better quality of life as we all begin to earn from passive income streams in various ways.

Products and Innovation

ID Scanner

Used to validate and assign the current driver to a vehicle. Once the ID has been verified, our smart camera validates the ID and the driver is anonymously added to our system. This verification only will be required once for each driver of a vehicle.

Smart Camera

We use enhanced facial attribute recognition. We think it is creepy to have live streaming video and audio monitoring your most intimate moments when you drive. For this reason, our camera only captures a photo image when a traffic citation is administered for verification purposes.

Bi-directional Transparent Displays

Our state of the art screens display location-based advertisements when the vehicle stops for those outside the vehicle and could simultaneously provide other media for those inside on demand.

We Take Safety Seriously.

SAVs are on a sure path toward reality. Before HDVs are eliminated, there will be a period that SAVs and HDVs will have to operate in the same environment. GuileEQ believes that we must thoroughly discover and understand this symbiotic and dynamic relationship to ensure our safety.

Future of Mobility

5G Technology will fundamentally transform our lives, bringing us a society and environment where everything is smarter and more connected. In the connected vehicle space, making use of thousands of sensors to pulling data related to everything from vehicle location, external road conditions and vehicle diagnostics, it’s 5G that will wirelessly transport secure sensor telemetry data back to the information centers for improved performance down the road.

5G Technology

5G Technology to connect everything wireless

Making Vehicles Smarter

Connectivity is the most important feature for future mobility: to track vehicles and their environments to ensure safety.

Making Faster Connectivity

5G Technology provides gigabit speed connectivity, leveraging millimeter wave spectrum and low-latency networks.

Improving Driving Experience

Window advertisements, in-car media and entertainment and virtual reality will change the driving experience. Time once lost will become productive. Life on the road will change all together.

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